Jumpstart Your Fitness By Planning Your Day

It doesn’t matter how many good wishes you have, or good intentions, towards exercising more and eating better to lose weight — if you leave it up to chance to happen it never will. And you may not even realize you’re leaving it up to chance, but every time you fail to plan that’s exactly… Continue reading Jumpstart Your Fitness By Planning Your Day


What All Winners Have in Common

Do you need an attitude adjustment? Not to say that you have a particularly bad attitude, but maybe you’re missing some particular habits and qualities that are keeping you from being as successful as you could be. Are you letting negative feelings or fear of change hold you back? Read through this list of the… Continue reading What All Winners Have in Common


Understanding Fitness Lingo

Have you ever found yourself talking to somebody at the gym and feeling completely lost because they were babbling on about eccentric and concentric contractions and anaerobic thresholds? Or maybe more common terms throw you for a loop even though you’ve heard them around before. A big part of getting fit is not only understanding… Continue reading Understanding Fitness Lingo